Happy Holiday Wishes from Universal Printing!

Every year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of us at Universal Printing get together for our annual Holiday Luncheon. The owners, Bob and Sandi, supply turkey and ham while everyone else brings in their favorite entree, side item, or dessert.

Universal Printing Holiday Luncheon - Food Table

Universal Printing Holiday Luncheon - Desert Table

This year, it seemed that some early morning snow and sleet might postpone our luncheon but our dedicated staff braved the elements and the feast went on!  We are so fortunate to have such a diverse group of people working here, and it seems like EVERY person on our staff is an amazing cook (or at least KNOWS one!)

Universal Printing Holiday Luncheon - Gift Table

After the feeding frenzy, we enjoyed a laugh-filled White Elephant Gift Exchange (also known by some as a “Yankee Swap” or “Dirty Santa.”) The basic idea is that each person brings a small wrapped gift (or re-gift).  Numbers are drawn and everyone in sequence takes turns getting a present from the tree. The TWIST in the game is that as you go down the line, each subsequent person has the choice of selecting an unwrapped present, or stealing an opened present from one of the people who went before them. In that case, whoever has a present taken from them can steal from someone else or take an unopened gift from the tree. To avoid total anarchy, there is a “steal limit” where stolen gifts can change hands twice. The third “owner” of a gift is the FINAL owner of that gift. And to keep all things fair, the person who drew the #1 and went first, gets a final chance to exchange their gift with anyone whose gift is still able to be taken.

We also got another special treat: Owner and CEO, Bob Moura penned a special Universal themed Christmas poem which you can enjoy below, or on our YouTube channel.

Needless to say, we had a great time. It’s nice to have a chance for everyone in the shop to come together and enjoy each others’ company as a group. It’s one of the best things about being part of a company where we are truly like one big family. Honestly, it’s one of our strengths: Having an talented and dedicated group of like-minded people working together to achieve whatever projects we’re working on from day-to-day. Just like Bob says in his message on our site, “The people who work at Universal Printing are friendly and seem happy to be at work… That’s the Universal difference.”

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